Little Whitebait Mates

So in a few days the whitebait season will open and many excitable people will flock to our estuaries. I too will be visiting an estuary or several over the coming few weeks but not for the 'bait.

Im a fan of the incoming tide and high tide turn for chasing sea runners, particularly the hour prior and hour following high... If this coincides with the change of light, all the better.

A quick loading, powerful rod and an easy distance line such as the Airflo 40+ is my choice of rig and don't forget the DI7 for getting down when the tides really pulling.

The key is to get your flies noticed amongst the thousands of naturals, and simply fishing them in teams of two or three creates an eye catching synchronised movement with every pull... Fishing cooler flies than others is the other key, and again MANIC is here to help you out...

Along with our super cool Silver rabbits, Grey ghosts, Silver Dorothys, Green Orbits and other estuary fly box essentials in sizes 2/6/10, we're dropping these funky newer ties you probably wont have seen yet... The trout sure haven't...

Salt Candy Grey

Salt Candy Olive