Friday Fly Day - Kyle's Flies Are The MVP's

Last season I spent five days guiding a regular client of mine, Jack Alvernaz, on some local waters, this gave me a chance to try out some exciting new flies in the Manic Fly Collection. These flies are designed by an old friend and fishing mate of mine Kyle Adams of Manic Tackle Project fame. At first glance I knew they would all catch fish though my eyes immediately zoned in on one in particular, the size 14 Kyle's Coloboriscus Emerger. I don't know if it was because of my success with the Kyle’s Coloboriscus nymph or the time of year but I just knew this pattern was going to be awesome. I was super keen to test them out so prior to my trip with Jack I grabbed a few of each pattern, Kyle's Nesameletus dry, Kyle’s Coloboriscus emerger and dry as well as Kyle's Deletidium emerger and dry.

Kyle's Coloboriscus Emerger

Kyle's Coloboriscus Dry

Kyle's Nesameletus Emerger

Kyle's Nesameletus Dry

Kyle's Deletidium Emerger

Kyle's Deletidium Dry

It was early in the trip and the weather had gotten cooler so I decided to try a small stream in one of the regions I guide. Quite quickly I sighted a rainbow sipping mayfly emergers on a far bank so I quickly tied on the Colobriscus emerger and Jack had a go. It took Jack a few casts to get his fly in the right spot in the foam line but one drift was all that was needed as the fish didn't hesitate and sipped down the artificial and as if to prove a point the next run held a another nice fish which was hooked on the same fly.

Later that day I sighted another fish cruising a pool regularly taken naturals off the surface. I looked down at the water’s surface and noticed both mayfly dun's and passion vine hoppers. I decided to give the size 16 Kyle's Nesameletus dry a go. As the fish cruised upstream Jack placed the fly in the path the fish would likely take on it’s way back downstream. Sure enough the trout returned and engulfed the fly, this fish was also soon brought to the net.

On another occasion in some faster water I tied on the Colobriscus dry and again it resulted in a take. This fly is also a good option to use if you like a dry dropper rig as it won't sink even if you are using a fairly large nymph. With a few fussy trout out on the feed we found the Deletidium emerger was just the ticket for a subtle approach and more often than not got the eat.

By the end of Jacks trip we had hooked and landed fish on all of Kyle's new patterns and it's fair to say they are all great flies. I have always liked Kyle's flies as they closely resemble the true naturals. I am aware that attractor patterns and foam flies have their place but for me Kyle's more natural flies or similar patterns will always be superior.

In the lead up to the new season I suggest you head down to your local Manic Fly Collection stockist and purchase a few of Kyle's flies to try as they will be especially good to use over the next few months and I know they won't let you down.

Adam Priest is the man behind T'n'T Guiding NZ, if you ever need an excuse to go over and fish the small streams of Taranaki then this is it. Make sure to look him up and book a day this season.