Friday Fly Day - Kelly Galloup

Theres something special seeing a bug fush chase down a huge 'chunk of meat' and when big streamers are mentioned, American tier and streamer junkie Kelly Galloup is never far from mind.

Luckily for you, several of Kelly's ties are now available in the Manic Fly Collection.... Check this...

Galloups Sex Dungeon
This fly pulls big fish anywhere they swim, and to keep 'em guessing we have it in Black, Natural and White. Oozing movement and 'come get me' vibes, if you had one big streamer in your box you'd be crying if it wasn't this...

Galloups Pearl Necklace
With a fluttering tail and sexy, eat-me profile, the Pearl Necklace is one of the coolest baitfish patterns out there. Fresh, estuary or total salt its one to pull on those brighter days. Google it for more... just be sure to clear your internet history afterwards.

Galloups T&A Bunker
Another big fish puller, the T&A bunker is an articulated baitfish pattern with oodles of movement, being mostly made of marabou. Unweighted, its easy to cast and best fished on a sink tip, or full sink line.

Galloups Laser Legal
A cute wee bully pattern and the fish think so too. Marabou belly, ice dub for 'bling', and a lashing of Senyos Laser Dub for the wing this fly is a puller for sure. A pattern for those more 'spooky' days.

Check out this epic vid featuring Kelly from Fly Fishing The Ozarks. your view on 'chuckin' meat' will never be the same again...