Friday Fly Day – Karl Sawyer’s Turangi Picks

With the Winter Fly Fest only a few weeks away no doubt many will be at the bench tying, or down at your Manic Retailer buying your arsenal for a productive weekend away. To make life easier we asked Manic Mate, Karl Sawyer what patterns he used to kill it down there just recently.

Karl writes:

“I always carry two rods over winter, one set up for nymphing, and one for swinging. My ‘go to’ rig is a BTB Hare and Copper Bomb in size 10 with either a Glo Bug Tangerine / Brite Red Size 14, or in clearer water the Late McRoe. On the Scott Two Hander I generally run an orange tungsten bead head rabbit in size 6 but if not a gold bead, olive woolly bugger is a pretty reliable standby.”

BTB H&C Bomb

Glo Bug Tangerine / Brite Red

GTB Slim Shady

With some fresh runs pushing upriver it’s looking to be a great few weeks. August 11th. See y’all there!