Friday Fly Day - Jig Duracell Brown

Manic Fly Collection Jig Duracell

“Brown trout won’t eat that will they?” How many times have you heard this, usually followed by a rant on how slow the fishing was. Brand new to the Manic Fly Collection is a pattern you shouldn’t be without, and one the fish sure do love.

The Jig Duracell Brown is a euro style nymph tied on a curved, barbless hook with a point designed to penetrate easily under the slightest of tension. My penchant for ‘subtle flash’ is well catered for with just the right amount of bling to catch the eye, and stand out on both bright, and low light days finished with a soft, CDC hackle to really bring the Jig Duracell to life.

What really makes this pattern so effective in my opinion is the silver bead. I’m a huge fan of silver beads offering weight and flash while maybe suggesting an air bubble or pocket on the nymph. It stands out in low light, offers an alternative to the ‘same-old-same-old’ gold beads you know you have too many of, and over the past few days many rainbows and the most challenging of browns have fallen to this fly.

Available in sizes 12-16, the Jig Duracell Brown works fine on its lonesome suspended beneath a dry, as a bomb on your truck and trailer rig, or as your point fly when the fish just need to notice your fly.

Chris Dore Jig Duracell Brown Fly