Friday Fly Day - Jake Bindon of Rivers To Ranges Hawkes Bay

Lately for Friday Fly Day we’ve been checking out what’s happening around the traps and today we have Hawkes Bay legend, Jake Bindon, from Rivers to Ranges giving us his down low and what’s been working in his region.

Here’s Jake:

Jake Bindon Rivers To Ranges

With the true Hawkes bay summer finally here the fishing is starting to crank up. At the moment fish can be found throughout all reaches of the major rivers, with some quality fish being caught not very far from the main town centres. Therefore, there are no excuses, as an after work fish can be quite rewarding. With the busy holiday period gone the fish can become particularly fussy, especially in the Tuki Tuki, which is the most fished river in The Bay. The best advice I can give is go small. One of my favourite flies for the Tuki is a Sawyer’s Pheasant Tail in size 18. A very basic fly but rewarding when you can fool the fish that have shown no interest in multiple other flies you have thrown at them.

Sawyers PT

Never forgotten is the backcountry. These fish can be a little less fussy and there are always a few different flies that make their way into my box for these trips. The Bum Fluff Stimi is a fantastic natural indicator fly and my typical go to large dry. Under that you can’t go wrong with a PT Czech Nymph Hare’s Ear or Kyle’s Deleatidium.

Bum Fluff Stimi

PT Czech Nymph Hares Ear

Kyles Deleatidium

And don’t forget the Simon’s Ugly, it’s a kick ass fly when you need to get down fast and fish love them too!

Simon’s Ugly Hare & Copper

The best part of the season is still to come so get out there and enjoy it!