Friday Fly Day - Hannah Clement's top pick

We generally think of winter nymphing as done under an indicator because the assumption is that fish don't rise over the colder months. However fishing a dry and dropper rig through suitable zones like skinny water, overhanging trees and warm sunny patches is still a smart option because when that one fish does randomly rise they won't just be getting a gobful of indicator yarn.

Hannah Clement has been guiding out of the luxurious Owen River Lodge this last season and gives us her pick of stimi flies for such an occasion.

"The Manic Tackle “Bum Fluff Stimulator” A fly that needs to be tested simply because of its name. I had heard of this fly from my partner and fellow guide Tom Hodge who had told me he had great success and it was well worth a try. With its wicked CDC wing case and a touch of green in the thorax it was just as it's called, a stimi. I had great success day after day on this fly right in the middle of summer on some pretty average days along with some blue bird stunners. Presented with a slap and a few feet away from targeted fish it draws the attention from brown trout even 6ft on the bottom. While not every cast is going to get the perfect drift and your flies may sink under the foam line I still had success with it being under the current, and that's when the CDC comes into play. With the size being smaller then a normal cicada this is a fly I love to chuck in small shallow waters with little current. Definitely a fly worth having and it has earned a permanent place in my fly box."