Friday Fly Day - Getting Squeaky

So rumours abound of mice population boosts on a number of our South Island beech lined rivers and lakes, and here's how you can take advantage of it.

Go fishing: You need to be out there to be in there

Fish normally: during the day it’s rare for trout to smash mice, so your standard dries and nymphs are what will fill the net

Fish at night: now we're talking... use heavy leaders, a smooth, 'roly poly' retrieve, and one of these epic mouse patterns from the Manic Fly Collection

Kellers Garbage Collector

Kellers Garbage Collector

Mad Mouse

Mad Mouse

Hartley's Mouse

Hartleys Mouse

However big, mousey browns won't always feed off the top so if you need to get down and dirty here are a couple of battle tested night-time fish movers

Sex Dungeon Brown

Galloups Sex Dungeon Brown

Dore's Mr Glister

Dores Mr Glister

Kellers Nightmare

Kellers Nightmare Brown

Get in there!