How To Get Small Flies Down Deep

Chris Dore Friday Fly Day

With continued high flows of recent many streams have cleared but remain full. Post fresh many fish become finicky and shy away from larger offerings and so a pair of slimline 16’s has proved most successful these few days past.

The issue in fuller flows lies in getting these small flies deep, and while you can lengthen your tippet, drop some slack into your presentation or work the currents, often you just have to add weight.


#1 - Loon Black Drops

Loon Black Drops

Loon Black Drops are a tin shot offering an environmentally friendly alternative to lead shot, ideal for pinching onto your tippet to give lighter flies depth appeal.

#2 - Loon Deep Soft Weight

Loon Deep Soft Weight

Loon Deep Soft Weight is an eco friendly, pliable, and reusable tungsten putty that you can apply to either the leader, or the fly. A small amount goes a long way. Simply pinch some off, warm it in your hands, apply it to your leader then cool it / set it for a moment in the water. To remove it, simply pinch it off the leader and replace in the container for next time.

#3 - Small and deadly, heavier flies

Two Bit Hooker from the Manic Fly Collection

Two Bit Hooker

You know your bomb doesn’t have to be a big size 10 right? From the Death Metal PT to small, slimline double tungsten patterns such as the Two Bit HookerDouble Trouble and Iron Maiden, you can truck and trailer your subtle flies without adding size or bulk.

So if fish are shying from your presentation consider dropping down a few sizes, without compromising depth.