Friday Fly Day - Easter Treats

So I’m not an Easter person, or Christmas person come to mention it... Sure I like the long weekend aspect of Easter but waking up to a series of clues leading me on a damn goose chase to find a chocolate egg? Please... I need that like a punch in the nose.

However here’s a punch in the nose we all might like.

With the water cooling and browns preparing to do their thing, they often take a bit of enticing to grab your fly. At the other end of the scale on our more ‘hatch driven’ rivers down south, as mayfly activity and the nymph drift intensifies there may be so many naturals in the drift that you need a fly that stands out.

Enter the Nosebleed series of tungsten nymphs.

Not only do these get deep fast, where the fish are, but choose your flavour of bead according to conditions and let the sparse CDC hackle provide the suggestion of life and you’re on for an epic day... you just have to make the cast count...

Fished as the attractor in a team of flies, the bomb in your truck and trailer rig, dropper to your dry, simply swung across the current solo or as a pair the Nosebleeds are a top producer.

Southland guide, Mike Hartstonge goes for Pink, I'm a huge fan of the BTB version. Paul McAndrew loves a purple Nosebleed and we all know that a gold bead is a winner.

So grab a few Nosebleeds this long weekend, ignore the lawns and run over that bastard Bunny if you see him... it’s a much easier way of getting your eggs.