Friday Fly Day - Early Season Workhorses from Dudes in the Know

Chris Reygaert - Fiordland Fishing Guides

“My go to trail on the double nymph setup is the Death Metal PT.. 14’s seem to do the job nicely on early season Te Anau waters. Totally non flash and what the fish want.

GTB Slim Shady, sounds like some Russian Mafia Rapping Hitman. It does the job on all occasions. Trust me. Buy loads”

Jayden Rich - Fisherman’s Loft Christchurch

“The Simons Ugly is my favourite all round Canterbury nymph. Flows are deceptive and you have to get down, especially in early season Canterbury waters. I caught a 20lb fish and few other 18lbs on this pup. The new Low Blow has been getting trout rising early season for me. Check them out!”

Kyle Adams - Hunting and Fishing Taranaki

“My number one early season fly is the Shaving Brush. Great mayfly imitation the body hangs from the parachute hackle and acts as an emerging mayfly. Also the deer hair protrudes out the front making it visible even in low light. I like to fish this on its own when mayfly’s are coming off and or hang a lightly weighted nymph underneath.

Number two is the Rowley’s Clearwater Pupa. Many rivers have silty edge waters and Chironomids are often overlooked. However, fishing them as a team, or as part of a team slowly retrieved on still waters will endure you’re in the action. Keep a few in your box. You can’t go wrong”