Friday Fly Day Early Season Top 10 - #4 Wikes Siddac

If was only one caddis dry to have in your box (which of course there isn't, you'll need a few) then this would be a candidate for that spot, the Wikes Siddac. The evening rises will start to kick off on rivers around the country and while a few of you will have "Tongariro Fatigue Syndrome" after a long winter there will be other that will see this as the start of the proper fishing season down that way. There will still be the odd pulse of fresh fish moving into the river but it will really be a mix of recovering fish and residents that are getting back to full fitness. Throw in the odd big brown and you have yourself a lot of scope for some great evening rise fishing by dead drifting and skating caddis flies through the pools, or even just leaving the fly to hang in the current while you have a chat can be an effective accidental technique. One handy hint if you want to pick off some of the bigger fish is to not peak too soon and try and hold off fishing until it's near on dark, that's when the bigger, smarter models will feel more comfortable coming out for a feed, but hey, if you're happy just being out there catching a few then by all means get into it.