Friday Fly Day - Don't Pack The Dries Away Just Yet

Oh, it’s not over by any means. Good news is the mayfly still hatch throughout May and when the rivers drop and the Mataura reopens there’s still some great match the hatch action to be had. Better keep that dry fly box handy.

Here are three quick tips:

1. Be there when the mayfly are, not in your car. Mayfly are trickling off from 10am with the main event around 2.30, don’t be out to lunch when you should be catching fish.

2. Fish the right size flies. Size 16 and 18’s imitate the naturals of the Mataura in autumn and if the hatch is heavy, fish will become pretty specific. Stock up!

3. Are they sipping under, in or on the surface film? Recognising this, and presenting the right style of fly is often crucial to success.


Under the film:

CDC Floating Nymph

Hare and Copper

In the film:

Koichis CDC Floating Midge

CDC Thorax Dun Dark

Renes PT Klinkhamer

On the film:

Dores Mataura Spinner

Dads Favourite

Parachute Adams