Friday Fly Day - Dave's Barra Bunnies

The reasons for tying flies for anglers is varied, for me when I first started flyfishing in a small north Queensland town, you couldn’t buy the flies I needed.

So you start experimenting as there was no internet just the odd USA fly mag I guess. Initially I was using natural materials because thats the way it was done in the old books, then you get attracted by the flashy new synthetics that come out, like a moth to a light, but after your experience tells you it’s more about where you put that fly and how it moves, you realise the new age flash shit just doesn’t swim the the natural materials… So a long story short is the bunnies are the best swimmers and I’ve chopped and changed this fly over many years to have it just right.

Now they are available to all and with a weed guard that works letting the fly dance through the timber, but still catches fish, something all too rare still today in a store bought fly.

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Dave's Barra Bunny Burnt Orange

Dave's Barra Bunny Chartreuse

Dave's Barra Bunny Pink / White

Dave's Barra Bunny Purple