Friday Fly Day - Dark & Deadly

I had a couple of PM’s yesterday regarding a box of dries I tied and then posted to Facebook.

“Why have you tied those flies with black wings? Isn’t white way more visible?”.

The answer for the applications they were tied for is no.

While white, or other brightly coloured winging material / posts are highly visible in most conditions, we are entering late autumn where the sun presents itself at the lowest angle of our season and glare is at its worst. Where most southern rivers travel southbound towards the Pacific we spend much of the day squinting into a river of silver. Your white, or light coloured sighter gets lost in the glare.

Here is where darker materials and CDC stand out well, providing a strong silhouette and visual in low light conditions. Autumn means mayfly, and lucky for you, along with our standard stalwarts we have added a couple of new, strong silhouette film flies for Autumn 2020 to the Manic Fly Collection.

CDC Comparadun Grey

CDC Comparadun Mahogany

Kyle’s Deleatidium Emerger

Possum Dun Brown