Friday Fly Day - Committed to the swing

Tomorrow officially kicks off the new Taupo winter licence season and a while ago I bandied around the idea of having a no nymph winter and committing to just swinging flies in the various forms of double hand, single hand, mini, micro, medium, bavarian, macro and dredging.

If there's one way to try and get better at something then it's focussing in on it, even at the cost of more than a few fish to the bank. Being a varied fishery in terms of available waters to fish it wasn't going to be as simple as just figuring out one go-to rig to suit all streams, what works in the Hydro might struggle in the Hine however humorous it might look.

So this weekend starts the building of a proper, committed streamer box, one that's going to be capable of covering everything from big and ugly, bright and slim right through to small and glowing...with maybe the odd eggy looking thing in there. To keep things simple and to be able to build a practical database of experience I'm going to limit it to three new styles of fly each trip. This way I'll be forced to give each one a good run under various rig setups and water conditions.

This weekend I'm thinking I'll kick off with a take on a classic, something big and ugly and then something with a bit of colour...


THE BIG STUFF - Berry's Fish Mover

SOMETHING COLOURFUL - Mega Rabbit Chartreuse