Friday Fly Day - Cicada Time!

We get to talk to a bunch of people everyday who are out doing way more fishing than we could ever hope to and the general consensus is that the cicadas have well and truly kicked off and the fish have locked on. Last season was quite disappointing on the cicada front so that would hopefully mean this year is going to be a good one and with a bit of rain happening around the country the last few days we should see the soil softening up to help make it easier for the clumsy little blighters to get out and about.

We have a quite a few options on the cicada front, pick one, slap it down on the surface somewhere in the general direction of the fish and hang on when that explosive hit fun fun fun!

Classic Cicada Olive

Classic Cicada Black

Kiwi Cicada

True Cicada

PMX Black

PMX Lime

PMX Peacock