Friday Fly Day - Cicada Shy Fish

So by now summer is in full swing and cicada are on the wing. Anglers are out in force and tossing large terrestrials left, right and centre. Chances are, that fish you are lining up may have seen a few imitations, probably presented less than ideal so is chucking a cicada your best move? Today on the river we approached a likely candidate in a rocky run. The cast was good, presentation decent but as the cicada approached he up and bolted. This behaviour was experienced by the next few fish also before we changed our plan. Another cast, another drift but this time a confident eat to a size 14 Quill Klink.

So what are your go-to’s on cicada shy trout? Here are a few of mine...

Galloups Antacid


Bum Fluff Stimi

Micro Hopper Green

Penningtons Mini D Hopper

See, the approach is to change the silhouette, profile, and footprint from the standard heavy cicada silhouette to something softer, smaller and less ‘in your face’.