Friday Fly Day - Chuey's Flies

Fly Fish The 45

Who the F@$! is Simon Chu, right? Chances are if you don’t know the man, you’ll know his flies. There aren’t many anglers, guides or club members who haven’t shared a coffee, had a yarn or learnt something either directly, or indirectly from Simon, and if you haven’t, then here’s your chance. If the fish doesn’t eat your nymph, it probably just isn’t getting deep enough. This is the mantra of the Chu, and the basis of some of the top selling nymphs in the Manic Fly Collection.

Simon’s flies are designed to ‘feed the fish’, get noticed, and get right down into the bingo zone shortly after hitting the water. Because the more time your flies in the right place, the more fish you’ll catch. Write that down.

Simons Ugly Green / Red

Green / Red was originally tied for discoloured water and for getting eats from big-water bows. It’s become a bit of a kiwi favourite since then on its own, or as the balls in a two nymph rig. This fly drifts deep, gets seen and triggers fish through its rubber legged enticement. A favourite early season fly or for whoever you just need to get shit done.

Simons Ugly Black

Simons Ugly H&C

These also come in Black for when a strong silhouette is needed and Hare & Copper for those more traditional anglers wanting a more natural slayer, or a more feature loaded H&C. And here's the rest of the range...

Simons Ugly H&C Red

Simons Ugly Peacock

Simon's Iron Maiden Copper

Simon's Iron Maiden Green

Simon's Iron Maiden Wine

Simons Iron Maiden is pure heavy metal. Often that flow is deceptive but by trailing your tiny mayfly behind a double tungsten size 16 if you’re staying subtle, or bruising size 12 to get noticed. With a tone copper abdomen for suggestion of life and additional weight, the flashy legs and tail ensure these flies get noticed in all conditions.

Ugly Mother Tiger

Ugly Mother Green

The Ugly Mother is a nymph for when you require serious depth. Whether short lining, swinging or lobbing beneath an indicator, a depth charger 4.7mm bead packed tight with a 3.8mm ensures that you’re right down there, making this the perfect bomb for your glo bug, trailer or for swinging on switch rods.

But weight isn’t the only feature of the Ugly Mother: a sexy CDC collar provides life to this bomb, and with a variegated copper wire body there is nothing not to like.

To get some of Simon's information out of his head and into yours check out his new endeavour HERE