Friday Fly Day - C&F gear for rolling your own

C&F are known for making some high end Japanese fly fishing essentials. Their fly box designs are world class and are a good starting point for anyone. What I've always liked is the practical concept and form they follow, carefully thought out ideas that are well executed.

Rotary Tool Caddy-

This is a sweet piece of kit. Just the right size to take a core selection of tying tools and nic knacks without compromising a few extras. Being rotary you never have to reach over items, a quick spin and you're away laughing. Various sized holes and slots see all manor of gear accommodated including 3 uprights for spools of tinsel/lead and the likes. A fly drier and storage wheel up top sets this all off as a one stop tying shop.

CFT60SW Saltwater Standard Bobbin-

This just feels right, compared to bog standard bobbins this is business class. Adjustable drag tension, optional additional weight _23g) hidden within the spool and a nice foam slit to keep your thread from accidentally sliding back out. Plus the ceramic tube is as slick as they come. All in all a great heavier weighted bobbin for securing larger material hanks and holding things in place.

3n1 Dubbing Brush-

Such a simple tool but with the benefits of 3 functions. The half hitch tool at one end will serve the smaller flies well but larger salt flies may struggle finding a use for it. The middle sees a stainless steel dubbing brush, very grippy and will pick all manor of fibers out into a buggy or blended effect - way more powerful than Velcro on a stick. The business end is the needle with a slight upturned end, great for holding a small dot of cement. Also useful for selecting eyes off backing sheets, unclogging hook eyes, picking certain fibers out and many more uses.

Lucas Allen is the man behind Tauranga's King Tide Salt Fly guiding operation. If you want in on some sight fished NZ flats kingfish then he is your man...