Friday Fly Day - Bobbers

Here's another great Dore email post, this time beginning with a question from his mate Garth asking about indicator dries...

Garth wrote: "Hello Chris hope it isn't too cold over there ! What would you consider to be the best all round simple dry fly to hang a tungsten nymph under for your general fishing on the south island, of course this fly would need to be able to be a fish catcher as well as an indicator, Cheers Garth"

Chris Wrote: "Ooh. A blowfly humpy. High floating and the black / white thing is very visible in varying light conditions. You can clip the underside of the hackle in spookier water also for more of an 'in the film' footprint. You can go to the big chenobyls and other foam creations but you need to go up often substantially in tippet size to handle them: on many of my rivers thats not an option. Parachutes too are great and the Manic ' Hares Ear Guide Chute' is a total winner in this regard, the heavier para hackle and deer hair tail simply designed to hold up bigger nymphs. Consider too a few hi-viz post patterns suck as the Mirfs BLT: they are easy to see and the fish don't notice the coloured post. Taking to your white post with a vivid marker works too. Talking of blowflies and platform hackles, check out the para improved humpy, a winner all round! Hope alls well brother and you're getting amongst them!"