Friday Fly Day - Black Fly Day

In the words of Jay Z, “Get ya'll black tees on, all black everything, black cards, black cars, all black everything”.

In the words of us from Manic, “get your black flies on”.

  • Black flies have long been associated with night fishing where a strong silhouette stands out but often it’s more about movement and vibrations that get noticed. But hey, here are a few reasons to paint it black during daylight hours, and once you go black right?
  • Black provides a strong silhouette in coloured water.
  • Black provides great contrast to light coloured riverbeds
  • Most of our invertebrate are small and dark or big and green right?
  • Black is oh so similar, yet different from the chocolate brown colour of many nymph species so will often catch the eye when the invertebrate drift is heavy. Kinda like a non-hotspot, hotspot
  • Small black stoneflies are very common but are overlooked by many anglers. On the Mataura, chances are many times your good old pheasant tail has been taken as a black stonefly
  • Black dries, wings and posts stand out well in glary early, or late season conditions as well as early AM or late PM sessions looking into the sun
  • Fish just eat them. Don’t question it too much

Two Bit Hooker

Woolly Bugger

Classic Rabbit

Mini Dungeon

Black Gnat

Black Quill Spinner

Little Black Stonefly

Possum Nymph

Mirf’s BLT Black Dry

Swisher’s Foam PMX

Galloup’s Antacid