Friday Fly Day - Belindas BITCHSLAP!

By Belinda Thomas.

It’s hard to be original with fly tying and the Bitchslap is absolute proof of that. It’s basically what happened when some of my favourite wet flies had a few too many drinks on a cold night. But I’d never say it was just a happy accident. I have a few favourite materials that get thrown at hooks in various combinations inspired by and stolen from others that have proven to be a golden formula for attracting trout.

A bit of sparkle is a great attractor that draws trout in, so the body and tail-flash are the whistle-up. The hackle is soft and pulses well, and the soft collar is just enough to push a bit of water and remember to hold its shape on the hang. As for colour, they can be situation specific but cover most water. It takes a real man to fish with a pink fly but it’s my favourite for brown trout. I’ve had it happen several times where I have hammered a piece of water, caught nothing, changed to a pink bead and body fly and next cast got a crazy brown. I prefer to fish these in rivers swung through slow glides and pools, and in lakes.

Bitchslaps suit the slower waters and a slower retrieve is good, but picking up the pace often incites a take, and they work a treat under an indicator as a damsel imitation. How it came to be reproduced by Manic was what happened when I left the back of my truck open at the Lake Rotoaira boat ramp and wandered off.

I got back to find Rene parked up and helping himself to my fly-box. Funny that he picked out the favourite first. After a quick two-way interrogation he named the fly on the spot.

The Bitchslap was born.