Friday Fly Day - Autumn Film Flies

Yesterday we threw down some tips for targeting our autumn mayfly hatches and the importance of fishing in the film. Today we run down some of our favourite April film flies from the Manic Fly Collection.

It’s important to remember that it’s not just the fly that gets the result, but the presentation, along with all those little things you can do to get your fly, leader and tippet behaving as they should to get that eat. Loon Snake River Mud, Henrys Sinket, Lochsa and 5x, and 6x Trouthunter nylon all have a place close at hand and are used accordingly as conditions dictate.

Important too, is to match the size of the hatching mayflies as trout will notice the difference between a 14 and 16 in the film, so have a range handy. On my local, in autumn, 16’s and 18’s are my staple. Let’s check these flies.

CDC Floating Nymph

My go to as trout begin to rise in sizes 16 and 18, fish these solo to the rise, or on a short dropper below a small Parachute Dads Favourite or similar.

Possum Emerger

Not just for Aussies, a darker pattern in sizes 12 and 14 fished as above.

Soft Hackle P.T

Unweighted with the suggestion of life, the Soft Hackle P.T is a killer pattern fished on a greased tippet in, or just beneath the film.

Galloups Found Link

This is a pattern I have recently begun to use and in sizes 16 and 18 presents a handy crossover between caddis and mayfly. Try a juicy 14 through that backcountry edge water when trout are playing tough.

Quill Klink

A firm favourite for a high viz, sunk abdomen pattern that fishes as well on its own as it does in a dry / dropper combo and don’t be afraid - the trout don’t notice the bright post. More importantly, you can.