Friday Fly Day - Alternative Smelt Flies

In the myriad of natural smelt darting left, right and centre you can do a number of things to make your ghost variants stand out and get eaten. You can fish tandem flies to create a synchronised movement each strip, pull flies across the current rather than with it to go against the norm, or maybe fish bigger flies than the naturals, to stand out.

Or you can pull something totally different...

When trout are feverish on an abundant baitfish source they will slash at anything. As long as they see it so why not make your fly stand out above the others: get it noticed, kinda like the woman in the red dress from the Matrix.

So here are five epic patterns you can try when you feel your smelt patterns are getting lost in the crowd…

Mega Rabbit Yellow

Dore’s Mr Glister

BH Woolly Bugger Hustler

Sundell’s Silver Fire

SRA Double Bunny Black / Chinchilla

Or, you could just work your tried and true smelt patterns a bit harder…