Free Screening of Gin Clear's Back Country - South Island

Well if you caught our screening of Gin Clear's spectacular Back Country North Island last Friday you'll no doubt agree it was just what we all needed and had a super cool feeling of community on the night. So hey, let's do it all again this Friday with the South Island edition and those who missed out last Friday can get a taste of the action this week.

Backcountry - South Island Fly Fishing Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

"The sequel film to the highly acclaimed Backcountry – North Island. The South Island has vast tracts of some of the most intact, undisturbed natural areas left on our planet—these last truly wild places deliver beauty and isolation in spades but it is the allure of giant trout in crystal clear water that draws anglers from around the globe to this treasured land."

We can't wait to see NZ's finest anglers in action, such as Rene Vaz, Jacob Freeman, Mike Kirkpatrick, Jake Berry, Jack Kós, Andrew Harding, Paul Procter Fly Fish and even the man himself Nick Reygaert!
So lock it in once again for 6:30pm AU / 8:30pm NZ and watch the premiere with NZ & AU's most passionate fly fishing community.