Free Screening of Gin Clear's Back Country - North Island

The last few weeks has proven to be an amazing time for media and content producers to come froward and offer up some of their hard work for free to help keep us all entertained through this period. Not only are they doing us the service of keeping us occupied but they're also fueling our passion and excitement for the things to come once we're back out and into it.
One of those fine people helping out is Nick Reygaert of Gin Clear with his contribution of the stellar "Back County" series. We can still remember the excitement when these films came out as it showcased the very best of our own backyard in the usual super high quality Gin Clear style coupled with some amazingly talented humans with the fly rods in hand.

Backcountry North Island - Fly Fishing New Zealand from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.

This Friday at 18:30pm AU and 20:30 NZ times we'll be running the North Island edition of Back Country and same time and place next Friday we'll have the South Island edition. Lucky us!
So lock it in by hitting the reminder button and we'll see you there to watch legends like Cory Scott, Mike Davis, Tony Hildesheim, Rene Vaz, Mike Kirkpatrick and Andrew Harding getting out the back and doing their thing.


Unfortunately this is only available for our NZ & AU followers.