Fraser Hocks loves his Scott G2

While the latest range of rods from Scott are amazing bits of kit, don’t underestimate the Scott G. The G series of rods is the singular longest production rod in the world and that’s with good reason. The G2 has a medium action more typical of the classic trout rods of yesteryear but made with modern lightweight multi-modulus materials.

This equates to a precise and delicate presentation rod that is prefect for those who relish stalking big fish on light tippets. The perfect rod for spring creek mayfly sippers as well as those wary big boys that cruise the edges waiting for a well presented terrestrial.

The G2 series is almost 2 different series of rods in one series as well. The 9’ rods have a bit more of a backbone and my G2905/4 has become my go to rod for most situations down here in Otago. From light nymphing duties to accurate presentation of a mayfly on a lowland brook. Whereas the 8’8” range is even smoother and more delicate. Perfect on those open tussock lined high country streams where line landing hard on the water will spook every fish in the run.

Remember that these rods need a line taper to suite. A ballsy Airflo Hero isn’t going to do this rod any favors. The Airflo Super Dri Elite goes with these rods, like bacon goes with eggs, as do the lighter reels such as the Lamson P series.

If you haven’t had a play with one of these amazing rods, then go have a demo of one. I’m sure that you will end up going home with a new friend that will eventually become a very close old friend. I know, I have twice now.