Fly Fishing Rod Review | Primal Raw - Old vs New CCC

In the fly fishing world things don't change all that fast. People are still fishing flies that were their dad's, dad's, dad's favourite. But when things do change, well, you best pick you head up out of your fly box and take notice.

Last year, Primal Rod Co introduced Compressed Carbon Chain (CCC) technology into their fly rods and the angling community took notice. Fly fishing legend, Chris Dore, has always been a brand champion for the locally designed sticks and he's the ideal person to give you some insight into the differences between the original RAW and the ground breaking, bank hitting new Primal RAW CCC.



Designed in NZ by those who best know our needs, the Primal Raw series fly rod series has always delivered premium performance at an everyday price tag.

As Kiwi anglers, we need rods that often load with only a few feet of line outside of the rod tip, plus your 15’ leaders. We also need the line speed to turn over longer rigs into our seemingly constant winds, and the associated power down deep for battling above average sized fish. That's a combination not easy to find...til now. 


The new Primal RAW CCC Fly Fishing Rod

Primal Fly Fishing Rod RAW CCC


The new Carbon Compression Chain (CCC) is a low mass exterior carbon wrap which constricts super fast during the manufacturing process, and creates a denser, stronger blank with enhanced feel with less dampening. Basically, you get a lighter, more responsive, and versatile fly rod with exceptional feel and tracking throughout your cast. 

I've always rated the original Primal Raw 905 as punching along with, and above many modern fly rods double its price - and still do. But the new Primal RAW CCC takes this to another level. Its crisper with a heck of a lot more feel, more responsive to light touches, and offers a very wide range between the suppleness to present accurate, short casts and bombing out distance with big flies. The subtleness it has to protect the light, 5x tippets we regularly use in the south and the power to pull a big hook into the gristle of a gnarly old browns jaw, is exceptional.

Primal Fly Fishing Rod RAW CCC


Personally, cosmetics have never been a thing for me as I prefer performance and function over looks in a rod. The Primal RAW CCC has both in spades and a finish that furthers what its predecessor already has done in cementing itself as a premium fly rod. Single foot guides have switched to snake guides for more durability and the additional weight of these has been countered in other ways.  

Primal thought of everything, even down to the rectangular rod tube which wont roll around in the back of the truck. It's these smaller details that have been thought of for avid fisho’s which makes Primal stand out in the wide world of fly fishing rods. 

In the realm of fly fishing, finding the perfect rod is akin to discovering a gem amidst a sea of options. For avid anglers, the transition from the original Primal Raw to the new Primal Raw Fly CCC fishing rod is nothing short of an evolution worth noting. 

Here's a few more thoughts. what makes this upgrade stand out, especially for anglers seeking the best gear.

  1. Unmatched Performance at an Unbeatable Price Point
The original Primal Raw 905 set a high standard, often outshining pricier competitors. The new Primal RAW CCC Fly Fishing Rod takes that legacy further. Its crisper action and enhanced sensitivity elevate the fishing experience and provides anglers with unparalleled responsiveness to even the lightest of touches. This translates to precise casting control and effortless handling, allowing for accurate short casts or long-distance precision with ease.

 Primal Fly Fishing Rod RAW CCC

  1. Versatility Redefined
One of the hallmarks of the Primal RAW series has been its versatility, and the new iteration takes it up a notch. Whether you're presenting delicate dry flies or launching hefty streamers, this rod series offers a wide range of capabilities and options from 9ft #5's right up to a 10ft #7. From supple presentations for finesse fishing to robust power for tackling larger fish, it seamlessly transitions between techniques, making it a go-to choice for all types of water.


  1. Enhanced Cosmetics, Uncompromised Functionality
While aesthetics may not be the sole focus for many anglers, the new Primal RAW CCC fly rod effortlessly marries form with function. The helical wrapping from the Compressed Carbon Chain tech makes the rod look great, but there's so much to this fly rod than looks; every design element serves a purpose, contributing to the rod's overall performance and durability. The componentry is hardcore, the reel seat is gorgeous and the locking mechanisms are solid.

 Primal Fly Fishing Rod CCC

  1. Dominating the Fly Fishing Rod Scene

For those seeking the best fly fishing rod, the Primal RAW CCC fly rod emerges as a standout contender. Its exceptional performance, versatility, and refined aesthetics make it a prime choice for anglers of all skill levels. Whether you're navigating the delicate waters of trout streams in the south or pursuing trophy fish in rugged landscapes, this rod delivers where it matters most. It keeps on giving even when you break it. Forget waiting nine months and paying hundreds of dollars to be fishing again. The Primal Fly Rod warranty means that no matter how you did it, they will get your rod fixed and have you back on the water faster than any other brand on the market. 

Primal Fly Fishing Rod CCC 

In the ever-evolving world of fly fishing gear, the transition from the old Primal RAW to the new Primal RAW CCC rod marks a significant milestone. With its unparalleled performance, versatility, and refined design, it solidifies its position as a top-tier option in the market. 



Chris Dore is a battle-tested fly fishing guide with over 18 years of professional guiding experience, battling the demanding, ever-changing conditions that our New Zealand rivers throw at us.

In 2006 Chris became one of the first New Zealanders to successfully pass the internationally recognised Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructors examination and has since taught many thousands of anglers to up their skillset.

For more in person and on river fly fishing advice and upskilling why not book Chris for a day or three?