Fly Fishing For Stripers In Dela-where?

When you hear the name Delaware, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? Wayne’s World? Banks? Absolutely nothing? Don’t worry you’re not alone, a large chunk of US citizens don’t even know it’s a state, let alone the first state to have signed the US Constitution. History aside, a recent trip took us to the east coast of the United States for some “business” totally unrelated to fly fishing. Although as expected, the 8 weight Scott Sector found its way into my duffel.

Fly Fishing For Stripers

With the help of Bob, local legend, crab wrangler and all round cracking lad, we managed to get access to some land conveniently sandwiched between two wildlife sanctuaries. The morning conditions were pristine as we picked our way up the estuary targeting small schools of Stripers on the outgoing tide. An interesting fishery to be sure and one that seems to be under-utilised throughout this region for fly fishing. A few Buds at the local crab shack later, we learned that these Stripers were the hood rats of the area and come spawning time, the 50lb plus females make their way into the system, so it’s fair to say we’ll be returning as soon as we’re allowed.

Striper On Fly

Scott Fly Rods Striper Fishing

Delaware definitely isn’t a fly fishing destination, at least it wasn’t on my radar. But I can guarantee you that we’ll revisit this place. Experiences like this remind us that with a little local knowledge and an ounce of effort, the fly fishing opportunities on this planet are endless.

Isn’t that why we all do it? I’ll leave that with you to decide...


Gus Lapin is our main man looking after everything Manic in Australia and is also that guy that can do anything, and do it better than you even though you've been at it way longer. You name it, cricket, photography, art, skiing...he's across it all.

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Oh, did we mention he's also a certified casting instructor? Well of course he is. Legend.

Photos by the hyper talented Alexandra Nielson