Five Reasons To Buy The 2022 Simms G3 Waders

Waders are an item I tend to avoid if I can, preferring to wet wade as I often cover big distances per day on the water, being able to handle being a little wet and cold occasionally if it helps me cover the ground quicker to and from my chosen spot.

That said, there is no more vital piece of fishing equipment in my gear stash, than waders. Deep crossings, long periods in the water up to your waist, pouring rain, and bitterly cold weather are common enough wherever in New Zealand you might fish. It’s in these situations where waders suddenly become your best friend. You want this new best friend to perform though, and this is where quality is everything.

My current best friend is the new for 2022 Simms G3 Waders, and having tested them thoroughly now, I can say they are as good as I’ve used.

Mike Kirkpatrick wading in the south island in Simms G3 waders


  1. The new four layer lower half (up past your bum) and three layer upper, offer improved durability and breathability meaning more protection from the rough stuff and the cold, while feeling like they are lighter in weight than normal
  2. The shape is a very ergonomic fitting style that is generous enough but more body contour fitting if that makes sense. They just fit very well without feeling either bulky or restrictive. Big win there
  3. They also sport a new shoulder harness system that is more comfortable and snug, without moving position on each use
  4. They’ve done away with the gravel guard clip, preferring a snug elasticated bottom to the gravel guards which work very well and stay in place
  5. Finishing off this new improved package is the addition of an internal zip storage pocket to compliment the two external ones 

As a basic overall summary, Simms have improved on a wader design that was already very good, to the point where I struggle to find any faults. They are comfortable, very breathable, pleasing to the eye, and durable enough to outlast all others, considering the beating I’ve given mine this season. I wear them and I suggest you give them a look, you’ll be pleased you did.

Mike Kirkpatrick fly fishing guide


Mike Kirkpatrick is a fishing guide in the South Island