Fishing the Tongariro Delta

This week I popped down to Turangi and caught up with a couple of friends Greig Cousins and Simon Chu to fish the Tongariro Delta.

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We'd heard that the tongariro river had been fishing fairly slowly so figured the fish must be stacking up at the river mouth......and we were right !

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The fish were all in great condition and although not the 5-6lb fish that we'd got so used to in the river four or five years ago, the fish were certainly better than last year. This fish was taken on an Otters Soft Milking Egg Cluster. We fished either Di-7 shooting heads with MRM running lines or 40- lines in Di-7. On the point we fished floating glo bugs with Otters eggs tied on a dropper half way up the 6 foot leader.

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This was a typical fish for the day. We put the sounder on 100m off the mouth and found stacks of fish. Once the river starts to get some colour and increased flows over the next month or so these fish will start to make their way up the river. If you want to keep an eye on how the fishery is going then do what I do and keep an eye on Barry Greigs daily fishing report. Tim who writes the report fishes every morning without fail so this is without question the most reliable source of info on the river.

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The central plateau is a stunning part of the country at this time of the year. Here's a shot of Mt Ruapehu in all its splendor.