Dry in my Mai-Mai

Less than a couple of weeks until the start of the duck shooting season.

Our mate Shane Hartstone - from Waikato Hunting and Fishing - is not only an expert when it comes to the sport of hunting ducks, but is also pretty clued up on how to stay dry and warm in the process.

- Simms G3 Goretex waders are not only waterproof and breathable, but also very durable and easy to repair. The legs are made with a 5-layer Goretex submersible fabric to give extra durability (when wading through the reeds and sticks) - when you do develop a leak they're easy to repair

- Simms boots are designed for optimum support and comfort and are made using durable materials that won't retain water, keeping them from getting water-logged and heavy throughout the day's shoot. Because they lace onto your foot, they're less likely to get sucked off and stuck in the mud - like your gumboots.

- All Simms waders include built in gravel guards, which keep all the gravel and mud from getting inside your boot.

Don't let the cold and wet put you off you off your game - set yourself up with the right gear, and you too could have an opening day like Shane did last year!