Bill Mitchell has gone feral!

"I’ve tried to catch Carp a few times and always been impressed by how damn hard it is. But then again, finesse has never been my strong point. I’m away for work in southern climes and have the chance to sneak out with a friend and try to even the score on these fickle ferals. Through the morning I see these fish tailing and mudding like bastards on a rubble flat and make several good casts, only to see those rubbery o-ringed lips pout in mocking refusal. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. And so it came to pass that a small, rusty coloured carp ate my woolly bugger and gave me a great tug or war on my new Airflo Nemesis 5 weight. I reckon they should rename that rod: Carp Nemesis."

PHOTO: Harry Gardiner