Awesome Fly Fishing Report!

Every now and then our mates send us some reports that really stand out and leave us with a bit of envy. Here's one we got recently from Cory Scott:

Thought you might appreciate what I got up to today, drove 1 hour then an hour offroad over the dodgiest track ever to a stream I glanced about ten years back smack bang in the middle of xxxx xxxx...

The first three pools all had epic fish all bigger than these, but I have never experienced fish so spooky ever, guess they dont get double figure being stupid, was hard spotting in the wind and rain so perhaps they were onto me first.

Day cleared up, I slipped climbing through a gorge camera stuffed, so rest of day meant no photos but did shoot some video on Go-pro these are frame grabs from that. Hen was 9 pound, jack 7 good to get out and amongst some fish that have your heart in ya mouth again after nothing but comp fishing for a couple months.

Catch ya