Auckland 2016 Rise Film Festival wrap up

The Auckland screening of the Rise Film Festival was jam packed on Wednesday! Really good to see such a solid turn out of fellow fly fisherman coming to check out the feature films and get a sneak peak of the upcoming Pure Fly NZ tv series which kicks off this Monday at 7pm on Sky Sport 2. We also had a launch event for Pure Fly earlier that evening and it was great to catch up with everyone involved. Not sure how it'll get topped next year but Gin Clear Media will no doubt find a way. Highlight film of the evening? I'd have to say it was most definitely Parallel Lines by Krank productions you guys killed it Clint Isaac Shannon Kitchener Bretto Wilson! Although the craziness of Freaks Of Nature by Gin Clear was also outstanding. A big shout out to Silvio for running a tight Rise ship all these years, you can have the next year off. Here are a few photos from the evening and head over to our Facebook page for a quick video wrap up.