Airflo Tippet Rings, & Why You Should Be Using Them

A tippet ring is a tiny metal ring that replaces your tippet knot at the leader and tippet junction. Most tippet rings are tiny at around 2-3mm and are commonly rated at over 25lbs in strength, so any doubts about their integrity are totally unfounded. They weigh next to nothing and have no noticeable effect on the turnover of your fly, so there’s really no downside. If you’re not using Airflo tippet rings then you certainly should be.

New Airflo Tippet Rings and why you should use them


  1. Tippet rings prolong the life of your leader. After a few tippet changes, that 3X leader is cut back and looking pretty short and thick, and you start having to build out your taper again to accommodate your lighter tippets
  2. They allow a bigger step down between a powerful, heavier leader and finer tippet to your fly. If you switch from say a size 10 Simon’s Ugly on 2X to a size 16 Pheasant Tail in quieter water you’ll need a much finer tippet. 5X or 6X tippet never quite marries right to a 2X or 3X tapered leader. A tippet ring allows for a quick switch out and the marriage of vastly greater diameters, without having to again build out and step down your leader
  3. Quick changes are now very quick. I often use a tippet ring with clients, particularly when nymphing. Tippets are quickly replaced every time we tangle without cutting up the taper of my leader. While many happily do, I’ve never entirely felt comfortable using rings when fishing dries, so there is still a good reason to keep a well-practised tippet knot in your repertoire
  4. They’re pretty easy to see. For those of you who struggle with blood knots and surgeons knots, attaching a pair of clinch knots to a tippet ring may be just for you. Many also find a clinch knot much easier to tie than other leader to tippet knots with cold hands, or in windy conditions
  5. Likewise, dropper rigs just got easier. Simply attach your dropper to your tippet ring for quick, independent multi fly rigs

Ten packs of 2mm Airflo tippet rings are readily available at your local Manic retailer and at $17.99 these should easily find their way into your vest.