Airflo SuperFlo TRC Fly Line Tested By Andrew Harding

The new Airflo SuperFlo TRC line will be here in the next couple of days. While it has been designed with the Tongariro Roll Cast in mind it's also a general roll casting beast of a line. We've had Andrew Harding out and about doing what he does best and putting it through it's paces on the Tongariro, check out another very cool clip from the man himself and some feedback on the line.

"Special things happen when Manic Tackle and Airflo get into bed with each other. Without a doubt the finest dedicated roll casting line EVER made has been conceived and will be available very soon. I’ve been putting the new Airflo SuperFlo TRC (Tongariro Roll Cast) line through its paces the last few days. Wow...just wow."

We'll have this line in demonstration on Saturday morning at the Winter Fly Fest 2019 so make sure you get a long and learn the TRC from Kyle Adams. It's just around the corner.