Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper Review

If I could sum up the Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper in one sentence it would go something like:

“The Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper is a well-behaved powerhouse of a fly line, suited to flinging large, and heavy flies at distance whilst still maintaining the handling traits of a classic weight-forward line. Oh and did I mention how durable these lines are?!”

I’m not an expert on fly lines, there are far more knowledgeable people in the fly fishing community than me when it comes to studying tapers, coatings and mass characteristics, but of late I’ve been lucky enough to put most of the latest SuperFlo offerings from Airflo through their paces, the TRC (Tongariro Roll Cast), Universal and Tactical tapers.

Andrew Harding Reviews The Power Taper Line By Airflo

I can tell you fly lines have come a LONG way in the last 10 years. I can remember the early days on the Tongariro using WF8F lines that had more gaps in them than a fence at MIQ, they would not shoot, would not float and made a noise going through the guides like a train passing overhead - but we persisted as that was all there was. If I got half a season from a line I was stoked!

Cue 2021, after using Airflo lines for many years, I can easily get three seasons out of a line before considering replacement – that is astonishing durability, and not to mention value for money – I have said it before and stand by it, an Airflo polyurethane fly line will outlast any other line on the market by a country mile!

Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper
Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper Grey


One of my favourite all-rounders would have to be the Superflo Universal Taper, it just does everything right, it’s the Corolla hatchback of the fly line world. However, there is a few situations where you just want that bit of extra punch for chucking large streamers, punching a stiff southerly breeze or flinging long leaders and heavy flies to deep-lying browns.

This is where the Airflo SuperFlo Power Taper excels. It’s a great match to the modern crop of fast actioned fly rods on the market. Normally Power Taper (or commonly called extreme weight-forward) orientated fly lines with their short mass laden heads and thin running line are a challenge to mend, but I found the Power taper really nice to handle as the running line is very manageable compared to others I have used. It’s still thin, but floats extremely well on pickup and shoot.

There is also no need to up-line as these lines perform superb true-to-line-weight. The head profile of these lines is really interesting, the Power Taper head itself is slightly tapered to the rear, not level as in traditional weight forward lines, so the transition on delivery is quite smooth for such a line – it does not “hinge” at all, don’t get me wrong, this is not the line to grab for a tiny spring creek, but it is for a large sprawling braided river. It is a canon.


Airflo Line Tags


Little touches like fly line tag I.D’s printed onto the micro loop are really nice – and the loops are nicely sized, not stupid-big loops that create line-wake on the retrieve. I have on more than one occasion grabbed the incorrect line for the style of fishing I’m doing (I’m not exactly organised) so these laser-printed line I.D’s make things a lot easier.

Airflo Power Core


Power Core Technology sounds like something a car manufacturer would spout on about, but in the fly line world, to keep it simple, it’s a core in the fly line with bugger-all stretch that remains extremely subtle and stable throughout varying temperature ranges. I can remember using bass-taper lines in the early 90’s on the Tongariro that in the freezing morning temps, could be bent into any shape like coat hanger wire! Those days have long gone thankfully!

Airflo SuperFlo Coating


Then there is the coating for these PVC free lines that makes everything super slick and even deet resistant! Those of you who fish the South Island’s West Coast with regularity will know all too well how fast insect repellent can destroy a fly line!


Available in a high vis colour combination of purple and yellow for big water and easy tracking on the drift, or a more subdued, and fantastic combination of grey and maroon which is my preferred option as I still have semi-good eyesight, not quite yet reaching the eye-sight deteriorating period of the 50’s!

So if you’re looking for an easy-shooting, power taper orientated all-rounder, this is the one to grab.


Andrew Harding is a die hard fly fisherman that spends more time on the water than most of us do at work. Check out some of his amazing fly fishing film work over on his Youtube channel.