2019 In Review Part 1 - Loch Style Fishing With Simon Taylor

Over the next few days, and last few days of 2019, we'll recap some of the best received blog content that helped inform and entertain you all and hopefully help make your fly fishing experiences all the better. We have a massive back catalogue of articles available on pretty much every fly fishing topic there is, so if you've got some time up your sleeve dive in and have a good look around. In the meantime we'll serve up some of the best of the best to help guide you in the right direction.

First up we've got Tasmania's Simon Taylor with an article he wrote on setting up for loch style fly fishing. Originally posted in 2017 this one still gets some of the highest reads on the blog and for good reason. New Zealand and Australia have some of the best lake access and fishing opportunities in the world so employing some UK inspired tactics makes complete sense.


Loch Style Fly Fishing Tactics