Airflo Sixth Sense Intermediate Lines

Airflo Sixth Sense Intermediate Fly Line

When it comes to stillwater lines there really isn't anything better. Firstly the taper is excellent for long casts; overall it has a nice long belly that enables you to extend out a nice long controlled cast. Importantly the long front taper casts clean smooth loops that make it easy to cast long leaders with multiple flies (shorter front tapers tend to kick too much and you get tangles....well I get tangles). Secondly the power core makes the world of difference in regard to detecting takes, especially when you are crawling flies 30 yards away, you'll still feel everything. These two intermediates make a great team - the slow intermediate is the slowest sinking line on the market sinking at 0.5 inches per second. Where this really slow sink rate is great, is it breaks under the surface, so you don't get a cross wind moving your flies around too quickly, and also in choppy conditions you get more direct contact with the slow intermediate than you would with a floater that would get knocked around in the waves. The Fast Intermediate sinks at 1.5 IPS which is the same sink rate as most of us are used to with the clear intermediates. The reason it isn't clear is it's made on a white non stretch core. Personally I think the non-stretch feature is far more important than fishing a clear line (which tend to stretch around 25%).

Being the first company to develop non stretch lines two decades ago, it's fair to say that while the concept was always the ‘Holy Grail’, early product had its teething problems. The benefits of ultra low stretch lines are clear – smoother casting performance, positive hook sets, improved lift off and mending control – reasons enough not to give up on this radical concept. Using our new Power Core braid, Sixth Sense flylines combine TDC technology with our old favourite ‘Delta Taper’ to create a range of zero memory lines, that cast and fish like a dream.

Give a new feel to your fly fishing with Airflo Sixth Sense:

  • Power Core technology
  • Extreme low stretch – only 6% compared to 20% on normal lines
  • Higher line speed = increased distance
  • Quicker, crisp lift off
  • Polyfuse XT coating

RANGE: WF5/6; 6/7; 7/8; 8/9 Slow Intermediate & WF5/6; 6/7; 7/8; 8/9 Fast Intermediate