The Australian Fly Fishing Podcast

Josh Power is a bit of keen bean when it comes to fly fishing, so much so, that he started a podcast on the very subject.

The Australian Fly Fishing Podcast gives him an opportunity to interview fly fishing anglers from all over the world. 

We at Manic are stoked to be part of his journey, so if you have a long drive to the river, then put this on your playlist and you might even pick up some tips before you get wet.

Josh Power has taken the meaning of accelerated learning to a whole new level. There are few people as thorough and diligent in their efforts toward learning how to fly fish.

Josh dedicates his work and spare time to learning all things fly fishing. Whether it be new technology in rods and reels, playing with fly line tapers till the cows come home, or concocting some magical fly that’s aesthetically pleasing and damn fishy, his brain is like the ultimate fly fishing sponge.

Josh was born in Hervey Bay and has lived there for most of his life, growing up on a Redclaw Crayfish farm. He’s been working in the fishing tackle industry for over 20 years and you can now find him working at Fisho’s Tackle World Hervey Bay.

On his days off you’ll often find him out on the flats or up the river with a fly rod in hand and he’ll generally be behind the vise most nights learning new fly patterns.

Josh has travelled a lot with some of his favourite trips up been sight casting wild Saratoga up north has even landed a Black Marlin on fly. He’s a big fan of chasing billfish in relatively shallow water with Fraser Island in the background.

Find all the latest episodes right here:, tell him we sent ya.



Josh has taken the time to pin down some of Australasia's fly fishing legends. He kicked off with #manicmate and Men's Mental Health Advocate, Matt Tripet from The Fly Program. Josh delves deep into what makes Matt tick and ties it all back to fly fishing. 

Matt Tripet

Matt Tripet, the CEO and Founder of The Fly Program an organisation that raises awareness of depression, PTSD and suicide in the Australian male community. 

We at Manic are big supporters of what Matt does and if you haven't seen our recent clip that we did with Simms, now's your chance below:


When you start as strong as Episode 1 with such a banger, it can be a hard act to follow, but Josh has since barreled up a further nine legends in his studio for a chat. 

We particularly liked episode eight where he had a chat Casey Pfeiffer. Casey is a fly fisher from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. She's a competition angler who competes both within Australia and internationally. Episode 8 finds out how Casey first got into fly fishing and her progression to competition fishing for trout. Manic has a lot to do with her husband Lubin from Full Scale Fishing Adventures (make sure you check his channel out)

Casey Pfeiffer

Finally, we best put in another plug for an OG #manicmate, Micah Adams. He's features on episode 7 and Josh Power describes him as "the Adventure Angler". Well, that's pretty accurate as Micah was a host of a fishing show called Adventure Angler TV. This podcast talks about how Micah got to where he is and how is writing career went from local paper to massive magazine. Micah is one of those guys that fishes all over the world from from chasing permit on fly at Hinchinbrook Island to Cape York motherships, New Zealand back country helicopter trips to chasing giant tarpon in the Florida Keys, Micah has done it all. One lucky fellah.

Micah Adams

Enough talk from us, head on over to Josh Power's podcast here and listen to some legends talk shop.