Team Tuesday - Leo Thomas' opening trip

We love it when people take the time to write up a story about their recent trip. Because A) we live vicariously through them & B) we get to share it with you guys. Here's what Leo Thomas and his brothers got up to last week. I'm jealous.

"The three Thomas bro’s up the River, now that’s dangerous! We had a new recruit to the trip this year, the one and only Mr Kris Thomas. The annual trip worked out smoothly as usual, we had stunning weather for us and I think most of the country did too. The fishing was really interesting this year I have to say, if not a little depressing at times. The Browns were far more interested in chasing each other around usually alerting the whole pool, at least on the River we were fishing anyway. We struggled to find fish that would actually stay stationed and feed like they should be doing this time of year. Not complaining though, as you can see by the pictures we still landed some great fish to the bank on a variety small Dry’s and Nymphs. The fish we hooked hadn’t forgotten how to fight over winter that’s for sure. Some destroyed us and our leaders at times, even maxing out the 6lb tippet which occasionally disappeared under the banks and huge fallen trees which had taken up refuge in the strong current. By the afternoon all the Trout had settled down and were in a more relaxed feeding manner. We located them in the clear runs and pools, with the occasional fish rising to take mayfly from the surface. It was a shame to finally head back to the boat and blast back to civilisation – But hey, the seasons open now! So there’s plenty of time to rip back into it. Overall the trip was awesome as usual with all three of the brothers up the River – REUNITED!"