Reel Recovery New Zealand

We've recently jumped on board to help out with the very worthwhile cause championed by Reel Recovery. They're going to be hitting the river this weekend so fingers crossed that they'll see some nice loops and willing fish.

Here's a bit more info from their website:

"Reel Recovery is a national not for profit organisation that conducts free fly fishing retreats for men recovering from all forms of cancer. Retreats are offered at no cost to the participants and are led by expert fly-fishing instructors. A maximum of ten men are invited to participate, to ensure the quality of the instruction and to create a powerful small-group dynamic.

Reel Recovery was founded in the USA in 2003 by a group of avid fly-fishers, inspired by their fishing buddy’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. Witnessing first-hand the beneficial impact fly-fishing provided their friend; they created Reel Recovery to provide the same opportunity for other men battling the disease.

Men suffering from cancer do not have the same range of support programmes available as women and are generally unskilled at tapping into the support that is available. And men being men are often reluctant to ask. The programme provides men with all forms of cancer a unique opportunity to share their stories, learn a new skill, form lasting friendships and gain renewed hope as they confront the challenges of cancer."

More info available about future retreats here on their website and over here on their Facebook page