Friday Fly Day - Summer Manic Fly Collection Flies I'm Stocking Up On

Chris Dore Fly Fishing Guide

It’s now two months into the season and the official beginning of summer. The fly boxes have sure had a workout and it’s now time for a reset and to put those large, often heavy early season flies to the back and fill the box with a few summer favourites. Lower water means more technical, lighter nymphs and more subtle dries and so these are what I’m filling my boxes with this December. Where flashy attracters held pride of place until now, it’s time to look to more natural representations from the Manic Fly Collection.


Para Improved Humpy Green

Para Improved Humpy Green

True Manuka Beetle

True Manuka Beetle

Foam Black Beetle Manic Fly Collection

Foam Black Beetle

Subtle film flies:

CDC F Fly Hare's Ear Manic Fly Collection

CDC F Fly Hare’s Ear

Manic Quill klink

Quill Klink

Kyle's Deletidium Emerger

Kyle’s Deletidium Emerger

Lighter nymphs for skinny water:

Kyle's Deletidium Manic Fly Collection

Kyle's Deletidium

Manic Fly Collection Assassin Black

Assassin Black

Brown Assassin Manic Fly Collection

Assassin Brown

You’re going to need a great all round terrestrial and indicator dry:

PMX Hi Viz Manic Fly Collection

PMX Hi Viz

And because the temperatures are warming and one never wants to be caught out:

Foam Slim Willow Grub Yellow Manic Fly Collection

Foam Slim Willow Grub