Friday Fly Day - Smelting 2.0

Following on from yesterday’s Techy Thursday on autumn ‘smelters’, it’s time to talk flies. With the extensive range of Rabbits, Matuka patterns and Buggers in the Manic Fly Collection, we certainly have galaxiids covered, so to narrow it down here are a few picks that I keep on hand to cover my bases. Remember, if it’s not working, change it up whether this means fly size, colour, accents, pattern, or your presentation and retrieve.

Mega Rabbit Silver

Mega Rabbit Silver size 6 is on the larger side for what I’m doing, but sometimes you just have to get noticed to get things done. I often fish this on point below a Slick Ghost or similar when covering water blind.

Skeletal Ghost

The Skeletal Ghost is just a sexy fly. Made from SF Steve Farrar Fibre, this material is killer for saltwater, and we've integrated it into this freshwater pattern. Designed to fish slower as it sinks / slowly hovers, the Skeletal Ghost is great for sight fishing edge fish, or fishing around weed beds.

Slick Ghost

Slick Parsons

Slick Orbit

Slick Ghost, Slick Parsons and Slick Orbit are all top patterns and my initial go to picks, fished in combinations of the three and switching them out as required. Small, slim and sparse with just the right amount of shimmer, these Slicks are what fish want.

Dore's Mr Glister

Dore’s Mr Glister allows quick depth, a dark, solid profile and fish catching movement in an easy casting package. This is an anytime fly which often gets the day-saving bite when your smelt just won’t cut it.

Remember, especially in calm, autumn conditions stillwater trout can become pretty line shy, so fish longer leaders and land your line well away from the fish. They will detect the movement of your flies from quite some distance. Go get ‘em!