Friday Fly Day - Get Luminous

Some nights on the water, movement just isn't enough, for one reason or another, be it picky fish, an abundance of food or maybe floating debris following a fresh, the fish just aren't noticing / eating your fly.

Now you can go bigger, look to inbuilt movement from Marabou and hackles etc or give them something they simply cant miss...

Personally I find fish shy away from lumos on the calmer, stiller nights or in high moon situations, however a bit of wave action, incoming weather or on darker nights a having a lumo as your point fly, or ahead on a dropper can make for an exciting night.

Charging lumo's is easy; simply cup them in your hand and shine your headlamp on them. Better still, a camera flash or Loon UV lamp will fully charge your lumo in no time.

Loon UV Mega Light

Loon UV Power Lamp

Tip: Beware of shining your light around on darker nights where it may get noticed by fish. I find it can disturb them.

Sliding a lumo bead onto your tippet can give a more subtle glow if needed, but when you need to be seen, here's our pick:

Lumo Doll Black

Lumo Doll Green

Lumo Doll Yellow

Lumo Marabou Orange

Lumo Marabou Black