Friday Fly Day - Bloodworms. Shhh...don't tell your friends

The Bloodworm. Or 'red winged caddis' for the purist is undoubtedly one of the 'yes / no' flies that gets the most consistent response.

Love them or hate them, the sight of a fish leaving impossible to reach cover to swing halfway across a pool to nail a bloodworm ensures there are always a couple in most of our boxes for those trickier days.

So let me introduce...

Robs Redhead Bloodworm

For a light, smaller, more subtle presentation, this is a still-water killer, but also great for those siltier pools on the Mataura and the like.

Jakes Double Bead Rib Worm

Why rely on a bomb to get your bloodworm down when you can double tungsten it and have it in the zone the moment it hits the water. With the durability of micro chenille and the benefits of a large, strong grub hook, this is our go to when times are tough

Jig Worm Coming Soon

A bloodworm for the short-liners, the jig worm provides an epic jigging action as it's lead through the water and riding hook point up, is great in the more snag infested runs.