2023 Simms Freestone Wader & Boot Review | Mike Davis

Mike Davis, owner at Hunting & Fishing Rotorua, sent us this review on the new 2023 Simms Freestone Waders. Check it out below and see what the experts think.


When it comes to quality and workmanship Simms products have always been considered the very pinnacle of outer layer wear.  High quality often comes at a premium price but over time Simms have widened their range to incorporate high quality reasonably priced products as well.

For many years my go-to waders have always been the Simms G3’s so when it came to testing the new Simms Freestone wader and boots I jumped at the opportunity just to see where they had gone in the mid price pointed line.

Simms Freestone Wader

Made from Japanese Toray Quadralam construction and based off the G3 properties, the new Simms Freestone wader has front and rear leg seams that creates leg articulation for increased durability and comfort. No worn inside leg seams! The great thing about Simms is they go into great detail to get the correct fit for the angler, we all know there is very little stretch in breathable waders so fit is really important. The new Simms Freestones come in 18 men's and 10 different women’s sizes so we know there will be one that will fit you perfectly. There is also an updated Freestone Pant wader as well.

The Simms Freestone waders are a fantastic product for those cold days on the river especially when the wind blows and you need that ultimate windproof barrier, or when out on small streams the top half can be rolled down and used as waist waders when you need to dump heat.

Simms Freestone Wader

Simms Freestone boots have always been super durable but they were heavy, well not anymore. The boot upper is now made from recycled polyurethane which makes the boots very light and still retains it’s tough exterior. This means that the boot won’t absorb water therefore it won’t change weight (get heavier) when it is wet.

The sole of the boot has been redesigned and now has better flex and feel which will greatly help when jumping from rock to rock on our riverbeds. The new sole is compatible with all brands of studs if you were wanting to use them for extra grip.

Simms Freestone Wading Boot

This spring there is no need to get cold in old waders or overheat in neoprene waders. Get on down to your local Hunting and Fishing New Zealand store and get fitted into the new Simms Freestone Waders and boots they’re the best value for money wading products on the market.




Review first appeared in Hunting & Fishing's Spring Catalogue.