Win Stuff Wednesday - The New Primal Zone Euro Nymph Fly Rod Reminder

By Chris Sharland 07/03/2019

Just a reminder ladies and gentleman, we'll be drawing this one next Wednesday so if you've been procrastinating on it then now is the time for action.

Primal Zone Euro Nymph Rod

The long awaited Primal Zone Euro Nymphing fly rods are now here, which will be making more than a few people happy coming into some Taupo winter runs and international competitions. There are three models available: 10' #2 & #4 and 10'6 #3 so there's something for everyone from techy small streams with small fish to big bruisers in fast water. Check out the full info HERE.

Primal Zone Czech Nymph Fly Rod

To celebrate the dawning of a new age of euro nymphing fly rods we've got one model of your choice to giveaway from the Primal Zone range, this time all you need to do is make sure you're signed up to our newsletter by filling out the form below. This will also keep you informed of the arrival of all the other cool gear we have coming through the doors, articles to help you on your fly fishing journey and all sorts of weird and wonderful fly fishing media to pass some time.